Welcome to my Homepage!

Yeap, this is a homepage, by definition the tackiest places on the Web. Anyway, I'm trying to offer you something worth visiting, or at least interesting enough to keep you from nodding off after the first few lines... 
Apart from the usual personal information and links to the same old "cool" sites, you can find here my little contributions to the Web community. I hope you find it useful! 
PortugueseEsta página em Português
Personal Info
Some personal information about myself.
Mini-lessons on the Portuguese Language. For those who think "who cares", well, think again. Portuguese is spoken by almost 200 million people, and if you already know Spanish, it is very easy to learn. (Sort of...)
The Astral Home Page. Astral is a simple program I've made to simulate celestial mechanics. It is very fun to use, and the effects can be very beautiful. You can download it here. A must for those who like astronomy!
All the homepages have this one: a list of some of my favourite sites!
GIL This is GIL (The Linux Research Group - it does make sense in Portuguese, trust me...) 
If you are somehow in touch with the Linux world, please take a look!

Send Mail If you have any comments, sugestions, or whatever, please drop me a line. 
Dario Oliveira Teixeira